Terms and Conditions

Please read the following terms before entering onto this site. We have this agreement as part of our policy and procedures because we want your time spent with us to be a positive experience.

  • Submissions – You can submit information or anything else to our website. We reserve the right to use it or not. If we do there may be a small compensation involved. Once the information is used or material is managed by us, you thereby give up all rights to the ownership of it.
  • Limits – Limits are based on how far you take advantage of the website. We are not liable for any actions that occur electronically, including exposure to computer viruses. A virus may harm your computer or disable it all together. We expect you to take precautionary measures when using our site.
  • General – In general, you are agreeing to the terms of this agreement by using our site. We expect you to use our site with the utmost respect. This means not utilizing any and all information for your own personal use other than for business with us. All things offered through our site are the responsibility of you, as the individual, after purchase. All actions that take place after the purchase may be handled by our legal team of experts.
  • Copyright – The graphics and other pictures and videos posted on our site are our own. They cannot be used by anyone other than the company. If they are, it is required that the individual write to us by physical address or email for permission. All items used are copyrighted and unauthorized use can result in a legal prosecution.
  • Deleting and Modification – During any time of operation, we are able to revamp the information used on the website. This is intended for updating and other enhancements as needed. We also have the right to delete personal information if we feel that it is falsely represented. We do not have to alert our customers when doing this action or notify them in an email. It is at the sole discretion of the company to do so if warranted.
  • Indemnification – By utilizing our site, you are hereby indemnifying yourself. This means you are giving up all rights and responsibilities of your own.
  • Acceptance of Agreement – Any terms that are outlined in this agreement are hereby agreed upon by the user. The individual can at any time request a copy of the agreement in writing. This covers any and all things that we offer through this site and does not include any services or products offered through a third party. It is their responsibility to cover their terms.
  • Disclaimer – Any services or materials offered on the website are strictly as is and not warranted. We do offer trial periods and after they expire, we have no further responsibility. It is the customer’s responsibility to determine the suitability of the product, and we take no responsibility. This entails any losses that occur while utilizing our service including monetary or physical damage. Anything that happens after the product is purchased will be the responsibility of the customer and a matter between themselves and any relevant insurance carriers if applicable.
  • Third Party Products and Services – We do not condone nor acknowledge any third parties. It is made the responsibility of the user to carefully decide whether or not to use their products or services. We only use these parties as affiliates.