Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy and do not want you to worry about the security of your details when using our website or services. Our company reserves the right to secure your privacy and not share it with anyone else. This includes all third party members.

You can leave your personal information on our site and trust that it will not be stolen or used by anyone other than us. We only ask for your information because we want your business and will create customized pages directly for you.

We do use cookies on our website for that intended purpose. Cookies are designed to individualize your web page and to modify them as necessary. You can at any time disable cookies from the settings menu on your computer. But if you do so, we cannot give you any benefits that we offer.

We do ask for the following information in order to build a profile on our site: your name, physical address, email address and contact number. We only ask for these items if you’re going to be utilizing our services. You do have the option to not sign up on our site and go in as a visitor. If you do so, you are giving up any and all services or trials that are offered.

We want you to feel secure with giving us your information. Here are reasons why we collect it:

We do so in order for our records. We expect that once you use our service you’ll return in the future. Your feedback is really important to us. Our products and services can use updates at times. With your personal information, we are able to modify our services so you can utilize them in the near future.

There are many things that we are able to do with your information. Selling it is not one of them. Your information will not be sold to any third party member. If you do click on a link on our site by a party other than ours, you are at risk for having your information taken. This comes at your discretion and is not the fault of our company.

We uphold your privacy with the highest standards. Our company only uses the best electronic software to keep others blocked. We want you to be comfortable when using our site. Other companies claim that they do the same thing, but end up selling your information to another party.

You can at any time request that we delete your personal information. We respect you as an individual and realize that these ventures, online, can at times be unsettling. If you want a copy of our privacy policy for your records, please request one through email or at your physical address.

If any information that you give us is not correct or needs to be updated, please do so by calling our customer service number or sending an email with the correct data. This is for your benefit so we have the correct address when you are utilizing our services. This action should take place within the first three months of usage.